We are always on the lookout for excellent photographers and writers for contributor roles. Whether you are an established professional or a newbie, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail us at with ideas and samples of your work.


We prefer unpublished shoots, but we will make an exception if we really like the shoot. If shoot hasn’t been published anywhere before we will publish it as exclusive online editorial. We understand in cases you may want to submit your story elsewhere, and that is absolutely alright. Just please kindly give us a heads-up when submitting. Submitters can submit an unpublished existing series or an exclusive for us. We allow any member in the shooting team to submit, though preferably the photographer. We are happy to provide pull letters upon request. Please send over the portfolios of photographer and stylists in your request mail. Our deadline is 20th of each month. If accepted, the story will be realised in due course next month.


The monthly topic for June - SUMMER

Our magazine is designed for intelligent women who are fulfilling the deep meaning of work and life. We have a monthly topic the we focus on for each month. Nonetheless, please feel free to send us your story if you feel associated in any way.

A few moodboards are displayed here to give you a quick idea how our aspiring readers are seeking. The media kit is also available upon request.

If you feel like joining our mailing list in order to receive the monthly topics, please get in contact at:

FaovurUp Moodboards


We are always looking for guest writers and bloggers who would like to contribute to our online magazine.

If you like our style and values, please feel free to send us an email including a writing sample or links to your work/blog. Our topics mainly cover fashion, travel, education, and women’s rights. Nonetheless, we are happy to see your articles as long as they are trend related or simply your opinion pieces.

Interested? Feel free to get in touch at:



Please email us between 6 and 20 low resolution photos. Editorial submissions are required to have a minimum of 3 looks. If we are interested, we will contact you for the higher quality images . Please make sure your photos DON’T have a logo/watermark.


Minimum word count - 200 words, Maximum word count 1,200, but this may vary depending on content.

If you have any particular images that you would like to be paired with your article, please provide us with either links (the larger the size, the better) or as an email attachment. You must provide us with the source link to each image if sourced from the internet. Images are not compulsory but preferable. When published with us your name will be credited in the article with link to your professional website if given to us. If we're both happy with the arrangement, we would be happy to discuss a monthly feature within our pages of FavourUp.