Technology with Balance, Harmony and Serenity - B&O Play

at 24 Aug 17'

Interior Design

B&O PLAY presents the Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection. A limited-edition range of premium speakers, headphones and the latest wireless earphones inspired by the fashion and interior colour trends of the season.

This season, B&O PLAY joins the voices that remind us that simplicity and serenity is timeless. The colour inspiration was found in that magical slice of time, where autumnal light drapes the Japaneselandscapes in sophisticated and unexpected colour combinations.

Hence the natural and expressive materials used in the collection such as leather and aluminium is softened by a palette of lilac, violet, cityscape grey (vapour) and deep brown (umber) to form a collection that slots into your AW17 wardrobe with ease.

A1 Umber 

An adventurous member in the family of portable Bluetooth speakers in a beautiful design by Cecilie Manz.

H5 Vapour 

Premium, ultra-portable and wireless earphones designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle by Jakob Wagner.

P2 Natual

A personal and unapologetically beautiful portable speaker that easily slips into your bag or pocket to take anywhere. Designed by Cecilie Manz.

H4 Violet 

The new archetype within the over-ear wireless headphone segment in a clean and contemporary design by Jakob Wagner.