Beauty Looks of London Fashion Week Highlights We Love

at 2 May 17'

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Photographer of the Featured Photo / Sanne Glasbergen
Article written by / Georgina Godfrey

London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2017 is upon us and beauty predictions for the season are the talk of the Beauty Monitor desk. Will LFW carry on the trend of bright graphic eyes and dreamy hair as seen at NYFW? Who will walk at which shows? Our discussion inevitably leads to our favourite beauty looks from seasons gone by. From the truly bonkers to utterly pretty, we’ve narrowed it down to five beauty looks; read on to see which designers made the cut. 


PREEN by Thornton Bregazzi spring/summer 2017 

Oh how we dream of ways to make PREEN by Thornton Bregazzi’s spring/summer 2017 more wearable. Models were adorned with dried flowers, with MAC Cosmetics sponsoring the make-up and the team headed up by none other than the legendary Val Garland. The look is the epitome of British summertime, and complimented by messy braids, it conjured memories of youthful days of summers gone by. Hardly one to try at home, but a beautiful way to accentuate the designer’s spring/summer collection.


ASHISH spring/summer 2016

We’ve mentioned before that ASHISH is much looked forward to by the Beauty Monitor team, so it’s only right that the Indian designer takes the top spot on our list. With so many incredible beauty looks to choose from it was hard to pick just one, but the season that stands out to us was spring/summer 2016. Heads were heaped with masses of glitter and sequins, applied haphazardly to the crown and left to fall through the lengths, which were bolstered by glittery wefts. Eyes were equally adorned with gems and glitter galore, with nails also receiving the same glitzy treatment. Could it get any better? Yes, it could! Models skateboarded down the catwalk.


Alexander McQueen spring 1999 ready-to-wear

You know the show, but do you remember the beauty? In a stellar performance piece, McQueen’s spring 1999 show spun Shalom Harlow on a circular platform while mechanical arms sprayed her with paint. The hair and make-up? Totally understated for an Alexander McQueen show; formerly we’d been treated to dark, fantastical hair sculptures, bleached-out brows and dark, heavy eyes. Hair was left to lay wavy and wispy, yet not dishevelled, across glossy, clean skin and bare eyes and neutral balmy lips. Still slightly bonkers - this is McQueen, after all, but not distracting from one of fashion’s finest finales.

Gareth Pugh spring/summer 2016 and autumn/winter 2016

Gareth Pugh, like ASHISH, is another beauty rascal we look forward to each season for extreme hair and beauty on the catwalk. Special mentions must go to the spring/summer 2016 look where models sported nude stockings over their heads with clown-esque painted faces, but our pick is the both brilliant and alarming autumn/winter 2016 look. Inspiration stemmed from ‘pillow face’ cheeks, with Val Garland using cut tights as a string under the cheek bones to push up and provide fullness. Lips were provocatively finished with lashings of a deep cherry hue with a vinyl-like sheen, and models that were not treated to Val’s DIY cheek fillers sported Hannibal Lecter masks, because, Gareth Pugh.


Perry Ellis spring 1993

A show that holds a special place in the beauty team’s heart; the collection that saw Marc Jacobs sacked from Perry Ellis. “Nothing goes together!”, “It’s all mismatched!”, the fashion critics cried! The whole scenario is only made better by the splendidly 90s colour palette the models’ featured across their eyes, lips and cheeks; all terracotta and matte, and hair gloriously grungy in texture. Kylie Jenner eat your heart out.