Ethical Issues When Choosing Glasses - Handmade Horn Eyewear

at 2 Aug 17'

Fashion Trends

A spectacle frame is unique in the market today. It is a product worn close to the body and in regular contact with the skin, and yet there is almost no information about the materials used in its manufacture available to the consumer.

It is time that we unpick some of the complicated supply chain and give consumers a little more clarity when choosing glasses.

With mass production and little technique now a calling card of the eyewear industry, Lewis Fredericks instead pays tribute to the rich history of eyewear’s past, through recycling the traditionally used material of horn and expert hand craftsmanship.
The brand offers time-honoured silhouettes fashioned from horn, the previously wasted by-product of domesticated Buffalo, Ram and Ox.
Horn is a natural fibre; its integrity, pattern and structure cannot be replicated, making each individual pair of Lewis Fredericks a completely unique, one of a kind piece.
A fine balance of design, technique and craftsmanship, Lewis Fredericks combines the best from the past to create classic, contemporary eyewear.