High Performance Fabrics - Formal Friday

at 21 Jul 17'

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Photographer / Formal Friday

The latest London Fashion Week Men's sets the bar for the Autume/Winter 2018 men's shows around the world. Combining performance with style, Finnish menswear brand Formal Friday delivers in its new collection.

Formal Friday's vision from the beginning has been to create better clothing. In fact to make best possible garments for any indented use. “Best” is of course case and situation dependant, but for them, it is still always the goal when designing new garments and choosing new fabrics.


Fabric is in many ways the essence of any garment. It defines the base for the design and look of the garment. Fabric is also essential for the feel and usability of any clothing – it is a completely different experience to use 100% wool suit than some cheap polyester suit. Anyone who has tried both can agree.

Fabric also defines huge part of the ecological impact of any garment. With high quality fabrics, you don’t only ensure good manufacturing conditions, but they also stay in shape for years. Because they feel and look so good even when “worn”, a typical property of natural fabrics, you want to wear them basically forever (yes, I am talking about that favorite go-to t-shirt that all of us have in the wardrobe).

High Performance

What does it mean for a fabric to be “high performance”? For Formal Friday, it means that the fabric (and therefore the whole garment) provides best possible user experience for any intended use. That can mean a lot of things, but among them are such propertioes as: comfortability, easy to care, no restrictions to movement, breathability, anti-wrinkle, and anti-odour. In many cases, all these properties can be found in merino wool and that is why they use it so much.

And as we are talking about clothing, one property that must not be forgotten is style. Even with all the focus to performance properties, one thing we always consider at Formal Friday is the design and look of the garment. They trust that their garments communicate that without any words or slogans. The essence of Formal Friday thus lies in the combination of style and performance.