Luxury is Something Feels Good Close to Your Skin - Enlist

at 24 Apr 17'

Fashion Trends

Enlist is a contemporary clothing brand that offers luxury at an affordable price to ensure that everyone has the freedom to create a wardrobe of self-expression. We caught up with Brand Director Jubie Wigan at the LFW showrooms to discuss the ethos of their womenswear collection and their new A/W 17 line.  

What does luxury mean to you and why should it be offered at an affordable price? 

Brand Director of Enlist: I think luxury is, first of all, something that should feel good close to your skin, I think it’s something that, when you put it on, it makes you feel luxurious. I don’t think this is something that should be saved for Sunday best, which was always the more old-school way of dressing. I remember the first time I bought [designer] jeans, they were £200 and I never wanted to wear them, so they were only my dinner party jeans. I think with us, through the way Enlist is doing manufacturing, we can produce items that are a bit more expensive than the high-street but they’re more affordable than designer- It’s wearable luxury. So I’m wearing Enlist today, and I just felt a bit more like yeah I can do this, and this isn’t cashmere or anything, just some beautiful leather and I’m feeling it’s more than my usual ZARA. You just feel luxurious wearing it. 


How would you describe your brand identity?

We are affordable luxury, exceptional quality and contemporary design.

Do you base your designs around chosen materials, or do you base those decisions around the initial design?

I hate the word seasonless because of course we follow trends so for example we’ve used mulberry and velvet that were heavy on the catwalk last A/W. So I think we’ll kind of evolve with trends but we don’t follow them, and we’re not slaves to them. These items will look good in your wardrobe for years to come and they will transcend seasons. I think of course we do need to be aware of trends but we’re not trend led.


How do you hope to shape the future of women’s fashion with Enlist?

For me as brand director, I wanted one of the statements we put out there to be that women should wear what they want to wear, not what they feel like they should wear. We’ve all been slaves to fashion, we’ve all worn things but been so uncomfortable. I’ve ruined friend’s weddings because I’ve been miserable in a pair of shoes I couldn’t walk in, or a dress that was far too tight or something that wasn’t me.  I think that I’d love women to really come to know their style, and not be afraid to experiment a bit; just because your friend could look really good in a masculine suit-sneaker look, and you look really good in a skin-tight leather skirt with satin pussybow, you could do a bit of both you know and just really experiment and break some boundaries. I think just look good and have fun, whilst being comfortable. I guess comfortable isn’t very glamorous but just don’t be a slave to fashion.