Talk with Eudon Choi

at 7 Apr 17'


A connoisseur of the fashion industry, Eudon Choi talks about finding inspiration in unusual places as we chat to him in the LFW showrooms. He discusses the fine line between men and women’s wear, his recognition from the British Fashion Council and his knack for mastering relevancy after seven years in the industry.


How do you combine elements of masculinity and femininity in your designs?

Eudon: It’s a really difficult question, I don’t really have the answer to that. I always play around with it because I was a menswear designer before, so there is always kind of masculine elements. Our collection is androgynous so it’s masculine, yet feminine- like two dual images but I don’t know how I do it, it’s just such a tangible thing that I really can’t describe. So we initially wanted to do something very masculine but then at the same time it has to be feminine as well, so I can’t describe how I do it- I just do it.


What was the process of designing this collection like?

Eudon: The design processes are all different for each garment. It’s just like it sometimes works in a different way; there is no right or wrong answer in fashion, each season changes and evolves so it depends on our inspiration as well. So the inspiration from this season is coming from an Austrian architect called Adolf Loos, he wrote this essay called Ornament and Crime so he eliminates all the adornments and then focuses on surface materials.


What was the most honourable achievement of your fashion career so far?

Eudon: Nowadays, I’ve been around [for a while], so more recently I have won the Fashion Trust by the British Fashion Council, that was a really great achievement but I guess more so the fact that I can keep going. I’m not really a shiny new thing anymore; I’ve been around for six or seven years now so just being able to hold a current season and just put out the new collection every season. Maybe it’s a little too humble to say this but [my most honourable achievement] is that I’m still around.


What can we look forward to seeing in your next collection? 

Eudon: We’ve just done the first bag collaboration this season, so there will be another one but we just literally finished the collection on Friday and did the show so I can’t even think about the new collection yet but I think we’ll just carry on doing what we’re doing.