The platform for brands targeting multiple markets globally.

Turn your local customers and influencers into your brand ambassadors, creating social media content for your brand. Get real-time insights, and manage your user-generated content across channels.

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Collect content

UGC Aligned with Your Localisation Strategy.

  • Automatically invite your local customers, influencers, and employees to join the affiliate programme.
  • Create hypertargeting content specifically for the customer base where the content creator is based.
  • Give content creators a powerful intention to align with the localised content strategy through the location-driven revenue-sharing model.
  • Manage your user-generated content across channels.

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Show off your content

Globally Scalable.

  • Leverage the social influence of your existing customer and follower bases globally.
  • Wipe the language and cultural barriers immediately with those from the local.
  • Reduce workload for your content and marketing teams.

Measure performance of the content

Leverage Online & Offline Data.

  • Data analytics to predict local trends.
  • Improve stock level and window display through insights of local customer preferences.
  • Balance your online and offline marketing efforts with a deep understanding of where to place outdoor ads and host promotional activities geographically.

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Turn Untapped Local Communities into Commerce

FavourUp’s intuitive Content Platform supercharges your multiple marketing channels and unlocks your potential of digital commerce, from product discovery to making a purchase.

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