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Curate Your Endorsed Content Across Major Social Platforms

Aggregate your own content and your Endorsed Content like @mentions and phototags through major social platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter that you would like to utilise on your e-comm website as the best outfit recommendations.

Demo for measuring data in Endorsed Content Engine

Shoppable Recommendations Made Easy

FavourUp makes it easy for you to associate your products with the content you curated for consumers to see when shopping. This makes influencer recommendations no-brainer to shop through.

Also, it’s quite rare and not cost efficient. Simply updating the Endorsed Content Gallery on your website will give your customers fresh experience whenever they visit your website, whether they have seen the product before or not. Different content shows different ways of wearing the product.

Demo for measuring data in Endorsed Content Engine

Get Meaningful and Actionable Data

Producing engaging content is not an easy job, whether it is generated by you or influencers. We help you understand better how which content and influencer are generating more value than others. Just so next time you know how to allocate your marketing budgets better, and do not waste resources on those not making any impact.

Easy to Integrate with whatever your website is based on.

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