We’re a FashTech pioneer specialising in 'endorsed content' in a way nobody has before.

Influencers Talk. Customers Listen.

In fashion, customers do not trust advertising with those high-end celebrities like they used to. Influencers become those who actually hold customers’ attention because they are much closer to customers’ real life.

Brands know that and have been taking so much effort to build their own online community, make noise, and gain exposure here and there, which is what we call ‘endorsed content’. However, this endorsed content is usually one-off exposure which vanishes on social media as quick as in few days. It becomes such a hassle for brands to manage it.

FavourUp solves the problem by allowing brands to collect and showcase their endorsed content easily, and showcase it on their e-commerce website, directly to the customers.

In this way, brands amplifies their noise online and, most importantly, it makes it easier for customers to make final decisions. In addition, a even more stronger community will be built throughout the journey, as they feel more involved in and proud of the brand when seeing their content is shown on the website.