FavourUp Partners with Stylus at Decoded Future for Sustainable Future

Andre Wang's profile picture Andre Wang | 10 Jun 2020

Sustainability, a circular economy, and transparency were among the key topics discussed this month at the Decoded Future London summit.
FavourUp partners with Stylus this year and will exhibit at Decoded Future annual summit at County Hall, London. With over 650 global retail brands and innovative thinkers, FavourUp met brand innovators across the fashion, beauty, luxury, hospitality, lifestyle and wellness industries, to discuss new spark collaboration as a game changer to a sustainable future.

Held at County Hall in association with Stylus, a global trends intelligence company, the one-day event brought together executives from various companies in beauty, fashion, hospitality, and technology.
Katie Baron, Head of Retail at Stylus said: “Help is the new brand halo. For an audience that’s ambitious but highly risk-averse, offering a helping leg up in the real world will have huge mileage. But consider the downside of the always-on era: sticking power. Content flashes by so quickly that it’s hardly worth a glance. For a generation that’s actively seeking support and reliable information, it’s key to build connections they can count on, which is why brands should be episodic in their communications.”

Aside from the partnership with Stylus, this year FavourUp founded a new sustainable initiative in influencer marketing –  Influence for Good™ , which is a community of positive lifestyle influencers. At FavourUp, we has been helping clients communicate their social impact through influencer content across touch-points  The community also run regular events to invite ethical fashion brands and positive lifestyle influencers to come together to facilitate on-site collaborations and continuously discuss the future of the industry.

Andre Wang's profile picture

Andre Wang

Andre co-founded FavourUp with Veronica Chang in 2016. He comes from a wide range of backgrounds including Fashion, Innovation, Engineering, and Design. Andre loves building teams that solve big problems for the industry. In between wrangling products, you can find him sharing insights about the influencer marketing industry, digging the latest technology, especially AI, and mentoring students.

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